North York Carpet Cleaning

North York Carpet Cleaning

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no charge demonstration - North York

We clean carpets and upholstery in North York, in South Western Ontario. We have been in business for over 20 years, with over thousands of happy customers.

As part of our service we come to your house or business in North York and clean a small area of your carpet at no charge, to demonstrate the results, with no obligation. We can also provide a quote at the same time.

The results are instantaneous, but wait until after we have left, and the carpet or upholstery is completely dry, before giving us a call to have us perform the work.

We can usually visit your home for the demonstration within a few days.

We use one of the most powerful carpet cleaning systems in the industry. Our Truck mounted machine steam cleaning unit cleans carpets and upholstery instantly, leaving them to dry in four to six hours.

To better understand our carpet and upholstery service in North York, visit our the KM Carpet Cleaning home page.

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