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carpet cleaner in oakville steam cleaning100% Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean carpets and upholstery

carpet cleaning in oakvilleThe Steam Generator

The steam is generated in a separate unit outside (truck mounted )and piped in through special hoses.

upholstery cleaning in oakville, ontarioWe also clean upholstery

We clean couches, love seats, arm chairs, sectionals.

KM carpet cleaning stands behind their workWe stand behind our work

We stand behind all our work. Our goal is not to build an empire, but to keep all of our customers happy.

What some of my customers have said.

I've used KM Carpet Cleaning since 1997. Kevin has always been reliable and done great work, would recommend his services highly!

Gord from Danville Rd, Mississauga, Ontario

I called Kevin right after I knocked over half a can of paint in my sons bedroom, Kevin showed up 2 hours later and took care of it!  Thanks a bunch!

Theresa from Bankside Dr, Erin Mills

We thought we'd have to throw out the carpets when we bought out new home, Kevin came in and made them look like new again.  They dried up much faster than the previous cleaners we had at our other home.  Keep up the good work!

Maria from Hilts Dr, Stoney Creek

These guys got here on time and did a great job.  Highly recommend them!

Brian from Charlbrook Ave in Barrie

Kevin cleaned all the carpets including the area rugs and upholstery in my home.  He got out some stains that the last company couldn't remove.  Very impressive

Maria in from Pickering on St Martin Dr

I never realised how much of a difference there is in the truck machine compared to the ones that plug into the homes.  Thanks!

Melissa on Haig Ave in Toronto

Why Steam Cleaning?

Heat is important to removing dirt and stains

Using steam means the carpets and upholstery dries in a short team

about us

Owner-operated carpet cleaner with over 20 years of experience.

carpet cleaning history of KM carpet cleaning

This is Our History

We have been in business since 1980. Cleaned over 10,000 homes. The business is completely owner-operated. That means the person you talk to on the phone is the guy who cleans your carpet. We service Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan

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KM Carpet cleaning for years in Oakville

What We Do

We Steam clean carpets and upholstery. Everything is dry within 4 hours. We utilize a very powerful steam generator that is installed in a trailer.

White carpets steam carpet cleaner in oakville, ontario

I have KM Carpet Cleaning clean my carpets every two years.
Thanks Kevin! Great Job!

Mary J, Town drive, Oakville, Ontario

"Kevin, thanks again for the great job, carpets look great, again!"

Bob M, From Oakville

Team Members

Mark Hoffman

CEO & Founder

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Elizabeth Smith


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Albert Ortega

Chief Engineer 

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Carpet cleaning for

We steam clean carpets for the following sectors:
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Some of our commercial clients

Steam cleaning started in the industrial sector. It is strong enough for the toughest industrial stains, but gentle enough for residential carpets.

carpet cleaning customer in brampton and oakville
steam cleaning better homes signature service
carpet cleaning for century 21 oakville
carpet steaming in oakville for stage vision
carpet cleaning steam cleaning
rs kane funeral home carpet cleaning
carpet steam cleaning belyea bros in Hamilton Ontario
Carpet cleaning in burlington
Let's work together.

Why not carpet Shampoo?

The process of shampooing a carpet, involves soaking the carpet with shampoo, then extracting it with a wet vacuum. The problem starts because shampoos produce foam and suds. Unfortunately its very difficult to rinse the suds from the carpet, and most of the shampoo remains in the carpet when it drys. The effect is similar to washing your hair with shampoo and only half rinsing the shampoo out. The residual shampoo actually will attract dirt, as it becomes sticky over time.

carpet shampooing

Why not dry cleaning for carpets?

Dry cleaning uses chemicals only. Dry cleaning was designed to be used for cleaning fabrics, carpets and upholstery that were too delicate for regular cleaning. Ask your dry cleaner, if dry cleaning is the most effective cleaning process. They will tell you it is not.

dry cleaning carpet

So Why Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning uses all of the elements of effective cleaning, Heat, soap, and agitation. Read more here.

Is Carpet Steam Cleaning really "steam"?

Not all carpet steam cleaners, use equipment that heats up water enough to qualify as "steam carpet cleaning". We utilize a truck mounted steam generator that is on a trailer. The water is heated up to over 190 degrees F. The steam is pressurized and pushed through a steel braided hose connected to a carpet steam cleaning wand. The truck mounted steam cleaning equipment that we use is an investment of over $25,000. There are smaller portable units that are a valued at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Make sure the carpet cleaner you choose uses a truck mounted carpet steam cleaner.

real steam carpet cleaning

Ok, so how does "Carpet Steam Cleaning" work?

The carpet steam cleaning process is simple. The Carpet cleaning  wand sprays extremely hot water, with a fine output, at a very high pressure, positioned close to the carpet. Right behind these jets is the extremely powerful wet carpet vacuum.

Is carpet steam cleaning the best method of carpet cleaning?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) says that carpet steam cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning.

IICRC steam cleaning most sanitary

Why wouldn't I just rent a carpet steam cleaner?

Rental carpet steam cleaners are a small version of the equipment that we use. We use a truck mounted carpet steam cleaner. Rental carpet cleaners just don't have the same power, and they can cause carpet buckling.

rent a carpet cleaner

How long does the carpet stay damp after cleaning?

The carpet will be damp for about 4 hours, after the carpets have been cleaned with steam.

Do you do carpet stain removal?

We use a standard carpet treatment before we carpet clean, but we also have special carpet spot cleaners for different types of carpet stains.

cleaning stains from carpet

Are there stains on a carpet that you can't get out?

Yes, not all stains can be removed from your carpet. The notorious carpet stains are orange pop, smarties and any kind of food or carpet dye.

How about pet stains?

We can often can remove the smell and stain from your carpet, with the regular carpet cleaning process, sometimes we use a special pet stain detergent before cleaning the carpet. The challenge is that once the urine has penetrated through the carpet to the carpet underpad, you will have to pull the carpet back and replace the underpad. Carpet cleaning alone will not be able to remove all animal urine stains.

pet stain on carpet

Do you clean area rugs?

Yes, besides carpet cleaning  wall to wall carpets, we also clean area rugs right on top of the floor they lie on. We don't clean rugs with dies that may run or bleed. We test all area rugs before proceeding with steam carpet cleaning.

cleaning area rugs

Do you clean upholstery too?

Yes, we clean upholstery in the same fashion as we clean carpets, but we use a much more sensitive tool, as upholstery is more delicate than carpet.

upholstery cleaning

Do you need to plug anything in my power outlet?

No we don't. Because the carpet cleaning equipment is powered from an external power unit in the trailer, we don't need to utilize your power.

plug in recipacle

Do you need to hook up to my water?

Yes, typically we need about 10 to 40 gallons of cold water, to feed the truck mounted carpet steam cleaning unit. We pressurize and heat the water for the carpet steam cleaning process. Heat is a very important element in the carpet cleaning process.

How long has KM Carpet Cleaning been in business?

KM Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets for over 20 years, serving Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan and surrounding areas.

km carpet cleaning for 20 years

Who will you be sending over to clean my carpets?

KM Carpet Cleaning is owner-operated, I (Kevin McGinnity) will be taking your call, and will be the one that is cleaning your carpet, every time. I don't subcontract out any work. I do all the work myself. I have cleaned over 10,000 homes, most of the them more than once.

Which areas do you service?

KM Carpet Cleaning cleans carpets and upholstery in the following areas: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Vaughan and surrounding areas.

carpet cleaning oakville mississauga vaughan toronto brampton

How do I go about getting a carpet cleaning quote?

I do all of my residential carpet cleaning quotes over the phone. Call me anytime at 416-606-5119.

How soon could you clean my carpets?

In the slow season, (winter) usually the next day or so. The rest of the year, from 3 to 5 days, unless it is an emergency.

carpet cleaning in three days

If I asked you to come back to touch up a spot, would you?

Yes, all of my customers are referable, that means that I stand behind my work, and am willing to come back to do any touch ups, on any carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, although I am rarely requested to do so.

Does KM Carpet Cleaning work in Oakville?

Yes, most of my carpet cleaning customers are in Oakville. I am a carpet cleaner that is local to Oakville.

What is the best way to book an appointment?

The best way is by phone, 416-606-5119, alternately fill out the request for me to call you back, below.

phone to set up appointment for carpet cleaning

CAll me 416-606-5119 or Fill in the form below

I would be happy to provide a carpet cleaning quote!

Thank you! Your submission has been received!

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1011 Upper Middle Road East, Oakville, Ontario, Canada


(416) 606-5119


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