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Mississauga Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet steam cleaning - truck mounted unit

When choosing a carpet cleaner for your carpets make sure it is a truck mounted steam cleaner or at least a unit that is powered outside the home.

The externally mounted equipment means that it is powered by a gas engine in a van or a trailer. The power that this engine provides generates steam, powerful, pressure and powerful vacuum.

In Mississauga you have a great deal of choice, when choosing a carpet cleaner, don't be afraid to ask your carpet cleaner if they use a truck or trailer mounted machine.

the different types of carpet cleaning

I get asked by by Home owners in Mississauga, "what are the different types of carpet cleaning?" Here are a few of the common types of carpet cleaning.

Shampooing carpets are the old fashioned way to clean carpets. Unfortunately, most of the shampoo remains in the wet carpet, becoming sticky and dirty over time.

Dry Cleaning is popular, and very good for wool or natural carpets. For synthetic carpets, steam cleaning is still the most effective.

Steam cleaning is the most effective and the most economical. There are two types, Portable and externally mounted (truck or trailer mounted). Portable carpet cleaners are great for apartments, but they lack the power of the externally mounted carpet cleaner.

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Why is carpet steam cleaning effective?

There are so many carpet cleaners in Mississauga!

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